Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

Make your skills visible. Get help according to your language needs. Contact translators without giving out your personal data. Try the quality of our professional services.

Make sure you specify your skills on your profile in order to increase your chances of being noticed later.

Can anyone sign up on

Anyone of legal age can become a member.

When specifying a skill, you should be able to justify it through your studies, diplomas, work experience or other achievements.

How are the colour codes of each language calculated?

On, a color is assigned to each language. How is assigned?

We did not want languages to be represented by national flags. Instead, we decided to adapt color codes based on the ISO 639-3 code of each language. For example, the code for french is FRA. Each of these three letters is a value in the RGB (Red Green Blue) system.

Letter Number Value
A 1 0
B 2 240
C 3 20
D 4 220
E 5 40
F 6 200
G 7 60
H 8 180
I 9 80
J 10 160
K 11 100
L 12 140
M 13 120
N 14 120
O 15 140
P 16 100
Q 17 160
R 18 80
S 19 180
T 20 60
U 21 200
V 22 40
W 23 220
X 24 20
Y 25 240
Z 26 0
Exemple : FRA (français) => Code RGB = (200,80,0) => Code HSL = (24°,100%,78%)

For the ISO 639-3 code of a language to be visible in white on the thumbnail, the saturation and brightness should be between 50% and 90%.

Thus, the HSL code corresponding to the French ISO 691-1 code is (24°, 90%, 78%)

How are my Qpoints calculated?

The number of Qpoints corresponds to the number of responses that you provide in the forum.

A high number of Qpoints shows that you are a generous person, always ready to offer assistance.

When you reach 100 Qpoints, offers you the free translation of your CV into the language of your choice. When you reach 200 Qpoints, offers you the translation of a cover letter (maximum of 250 words) into the language of your choice.

What are there rules of proper "netiquette" on Translat'Me?

The community should function and flourish, with all members interacting harmoniously.

Be honnest when declaring your skills and work relations. Keep the strictest confidentiality regarding documents that others have entrusted to you. Do not divert help or exchange services for purposes unrelated to reserves the right to delete any content of a racist, xenophobic or pornographic nature, and to act against any infrigment upon the rights of third parties, as stated in the General Terms and Conditions of Use. A profile may be suspended if the gravity of the situation so requires. does not communicate the contact details of its members to third parties. If you wish to promote a service or product, please contact us through the Contact section.

Can I use my real name?

Yes. Fill out the "username" field on your profile: you can give your real name, or stay anonymous.

Where does come from?

Machine translation software solutions are getting better, but they are still lacking in terms of quality for texts longer than a single sentence. Before publishing your work in a foreign language, have it proofread by a native speaker at least once. If you can have it proofread by an expert in your field, all the better!

An innovative translation and proofreading service, was developed in Besançon, France, with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER), the Regional Council of Franche-Comté, the Incubator for Innovative Companies of Franche-Comté and BpiFrance.

Can I unsubscribe?

You may choose not renew your annual subscription as a pro translator. subscriptions are not renewed automatically.

As stated in the General Terms and Conditions, a valid subscription shall not be refunded in proportion to the remaining period of validity.

To purchase a professional service, do I have to pay in advance?

Yes. The service is payable upon order. If there is a delay in the requested service, informs the client, who can then decide to cancel the order.

If the order is cancelled, a refund for the entire amount will be made within 30 days of payment. For further information, please read the General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

Are there career opportunities at

Yes. Your education and work experience become public once you create your profile. By doing more translations, you can enhance your resumé and widen your international network. You can also ask your partners to leave a comment about the quality of your work as a translator or proofreader. is a start-up that hires. Are you looking to put your linguistic, scientific, technical or medical skills to good use? Sign up on, and send us a cover letter expressing your interest in working more closely with our international team.

What about the intellectual property rights on translations and proofreading?

Intellectual property right laws apply to all original works, including translations. implicity waives their copyright for all services provided.

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