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    Herbalife Nutrition to Present Papers on Tea Extraction, Nine Poster Presentations on Quality at AOAC International Annual Meeting
    Herbalife Nutrition (NYSE: HLF), a premier global nutrition company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier, is presenting two papers on tea extraction at the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC) International's Annual Meeting and Exposition taking place in Toronto, Canada, from Aug. 26-29.

    "At Herbalife Nutrition, we’ve implemented an industry-leading botanical science program to guarantee that highest quality botanical ingredients are used in our products and our research on tea extraction will help further document the science of DNA quality," said Gary Swanson, senior vice president, Global Quality, Herbalife Nutrition.

    The first paper,entitled “DNA Quality and Quantity Analysis of Camellia Sinensis through Processing From Fresh Leaves to a Green Tea Extract Product,” is being co-presented by Herbalife Nutrition and University of Guelph as part of our work with the NHP Research Allince. Herbalife Nutrition quality scientists Yanjun Zhang, Ph.D., and Zhengfei Lu, Ph.D., and Adam Faller, Ph.D. Candidate from College of Biological Sciences, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, conducted a study to measure multiple DNA variables after each step in the processing of a green tea extract (GTE) product, in order to document DNA quality and quantity. This work demonstrated successful DNA extraction, PCR amplification, sequencing and identification using a highly-processed botanical extract product. The results saw a 41.1% decrease in mean extractable genomic DNA through farm processing (p<0.01) and a 99.7% decrease through facility processing (p<0.05) demonstrating successful DNA extraction, PCR amplification, sequencing and identification using a highly-processed botanical extract product.

    The second paper evaluating tea extraction, entitled “Qualification and Certification of Tea Extracts using NMR,” is being presented by Herbalife Nutrition quality scientist Congmei Cao,Ph.D. Multiple lots of different tea extracts with controlled processing procedures were evaluated to determine the representative chemical profile of tea extract using chemometrics and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR). This is an advanced approach that meets the need of Herbalife Nutrition for botanical authentication and can also be adopted by other companies in the nutraceutical industry. The principle components for differentiating the tea extracts were identified and quantified. After assessment of stability and homogeneity, these characterized tea extracts will be certified as in-house reference materials with intended use for identification of specific tea extracts and quantification of principle components in these tea extracts.

    In addition, the AOAC has accepted nine other poster submissions from Herbalife Nutrition scientists that cover a range of analytical methodologies and advancements in areas including alternative sweetener testing, DNA extraction, protein powder testing, botanical extraction and aloe testing, among others.

    As a global supplier of herbal supplements, Herbalife Nutrition uses more than 150 botanical ingredients including soybeans, tea and aloe. The company has a robust, science-based product development process guided by a team of more than 300 scientists to assure the quality of the products. The Company has invested more than $300 million during the past six years in its manufacturing facilities and now makes approximately 65 percent ofall its nutrition products in-house.

    08/28/2018 21:07

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